Bank 3.5

Banks are standing in front of the biggest transformation period in their history. The To Be situation is being sometimes called Bank 3.0 concept or as we call it Customer centric service model. Assisto consulting developed for this transformation detailed manual that covers all necessary steps to successfully switch the bank from product to customer centric operations. 

The steps to be solved does includes for example:

  • Concept for automated product bundling including related billing
  • Customer based pricing and profitability management
  • Customer centric sales and service management
  • Star process architecture allowing seamless Omnichannel business model
  • Customer business space based sales process including simplified Single button sales approach
  • What you see that's What you get model using instant approval approach ensuring that what ever is shown to the customer is already approved so no necessary procedural burden is needed
  • Integrated Fraud management and operation controls
  • User guidance via in process integrated business and process methodology 
  • Fully by business user managed product and process set up 
  • The bank transformation procedure including expectation management
  • Migration of existing products and process to the new concept and much more

The ultimate goal of transformation manual development was to find a way for as simple as possible, manageable and phased implementation approach. Within its preparation extensive and long term experience with bank’s risk, process, sales and finance management had been used.

The Assisto consulting Bank 3.5 transformation is technology platform independent and it is being provided as supplement to Technology supplier or directly to the bank as a services of Business architecture and Quality assurance to make sure that from technology suppliers the bank’s will get what needs to be.


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