Customer business space

Customer business space concept represents advance analytics solution allowing to describe customers in very detailed and precise way.  Its subset known as as Credit Limit Optimization solution  had been developed for SAS Institute Inc.  

Customer business space combines advance analytical models and optimization algorithms in order to achieve highly precise understanding of customer’s financial situation and its potential utilization. The key benefits of the CBS is:

  • Knowledge of financial situation for Private Individuals (Salary volume) and SME (Repayment capacity) even for non active clients
  • Knowledge of risk accompanied with all client including clients not having credit products
  • Knowledge of share of wallet for all major wealth utilizations (financing, saving, insurance, different type of consumption, etc.)
  • Knowledge of customer products preferences including  optimum volume/limit that fits to customer needs
  • Knowledge of price sensitivity of each particular customer    

In total the solution allows the banks to precisely identify financial status of the customer and predefine optimal product mix that could be very successfully used for product preapproval, marketing offer selection, existing portfolio potential assessment etc. 

When implemented, CBS solution leads into immediate double digit growth of sales, decrease of churn of customers and increase of profitability.   

The solution could be further enhanced to cover not only existing customers of then bank, but using on Internet available data, it could be used for new potential customer base as well.

The CBS is available also for Telco, Insurance and Utility industries.

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